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Textures: one surface after another
Solo exhibition, (VDA) gallery ,,Akademija'', Lithuania 2020

2020 - Drawing - installation created during the exhibition ,,Textures:one surface after another'' , (VDA) gallery ,,Akademija''.

2020 - ,,Change'', coal on wood, 120 x 65cm.

2020 - ,,Surfaces'', Coal on wood, electronics, audio recording // Collaboration with Elias Haisch.

Lietus ir atmintis (LIA) 

Patterns and moments
Artist  in residence ‌in Lehnin Institut for Art and Culture 2019

2019 - Hand-made object created out of burned wood and plastic during the residency in the LIKK (Germany), presented together with an audio source in UferCafe

31 10 19 - A solo piano performance as part of the Kunst menu and the closing for the solo exhibition ,,Patterns and moments'', Lehnin Institut for Art and culture, Germany

Three visions of a city  ‌( 3 groups - 3 cities)
‌A project with Elias Haisch ‌‌to convey an artistic way of working.